Flexibility Training


Gone are the days when flexibility was merely contriuted to tight muscles. We now know that flexibility is determined by many structures in your body and many others factors like stress. With so much new information, it’s no wonder that people find it hard to get a simple answer.

At Perfect Form Physio, we have spent years refining our training programs to incorporate the newest research to help our clients achieve better flexibility. Whether you play sports, dance,  do martial arts or yoga we can help you! Our flexibility training involves assessing exactly where you are restricted and why.

We look at:

  • Why you get recurrent tightness in certain places
  • Possible reasons why your flexibility may be restricted
  • Fast ways to increase your own flexibility
  • Strength training to help increase control in your new range
  • Neural and fascial release techniques to dramatically improve your flexibility

Once we determine what is restricting your flexibility we give you a specific program to work on at home which may include specific stretches, massage techniques, fascial mobilisers and releases so you can continue to increase your flexibility at home.

We also teach you a lot about the fundamentals of flexibility and different styles of stretching so that you can maximise the results of the effort that you are putting in.

For those clients who are unable to visit us in clinic we have a fantastic resource available.  The Front Splits Fast Flexibility Program which consists of a book and easy to follow DVD teaches you many ways to improve your neural and fascial mobility.

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